Opti-Free Express No Rub Contact Lens Solution, 4oz 300652132044A385

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Comfort That Lasts All Day

Removes Protein Daily

  • Cleans
  • Rinses
  • Disinfects
  • Store
  • Sterile

For any soft contact lenses including silicone hydrogel lenses.

Enjoy clean and comfortable lenses without rubbing.  Unlike ordinary multipurpose solutions that require a digital rub, Opti-Free Express does the hard work for you, taking that rubbing step out of your care routine.

Lasting Moisture, Lasting Comfort

Opti-Free Express keeps your lenses feeling clean and comfortable while you wear them.

All Steps In One Bottle

  • No rubbing needed
  • Cleans right in the case
  • Disinfects
  • Removes protein daily

Suggested Use:

To clean, disinfect and remove protein form your contact lenses:

  • Thoroughly rinse each side of the lens (5 seconds) with Opti-Free Express
  • Fill your Alcon® Lens Case with enough fresh Opti-Free Express to cover the lenses.  Store lenses in the closed lens case overnight or at least 6 hours.  After soaking, lenses are ready to wear.

Always follow your eye care professional's instructions. Based upon your individual tear chemistry, your eye care professional may recommend additional products or procedures. If your eye care professional directs you to rub your lenses, place several drops on the lens and rub for several seconds (up to 20). Then follow the directions above. If using Supraclens® Daily Protein Remover, follow those directions, including rinsing before putting the lenses on your eyes. You may leave your lenses in the unopened lens case for up to 30 days prior to wear. Fill your case with fresh solution every time you store your lenses. Never reuse solution.

Active Ingredients: N/A

Inactive Ingredients: N/A

Other Ingredients: N/A