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Natrol® Cognium™ is a breakthrough new cognitive health supplement. It is powered by a unique ingredient backed by nine human clinical trials that have shown statistically significant improvements in memory and concentration in four weeks or less. Results have been published in respected, peer-reviewed journals.

  • The silk protein hydrolysate used in Natrol® Cognium™ acts like a powerful antioxidant for the brain. It also works with the brain's receptors to guide specific nutrients to where they’re needed most. Imaging studies show it increases blood flow and glucose to the areas of your brain responsible for memory and cognition.
  • Natrol® Cognium™ additionally may help maintain a normal, healthy structure of beta amyloid, the main component of beta-amyloid plaque. Beta-amyloid plaque is formed when beta amyloid collapses and forms clumps. It is a hallmark of normal cognitive decline associated with aging

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