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Fast acting, effective relief that helps:

  • Relieve agitation and irritability
  • Calm restlessness and nervousness
  • Treat insomnia
  • Lessen nightmares
  • SAFE - no side effects, no drug interactionAlcohol free, dye free,
  • Alcohol free, dye free, sugar free
  • Great tasting grape flavor
  • Homeopathic Medicine

INDICATIONS: This syrup of natural origin helps calm agitated, anxious, nervous, irritable and hyperactive children. Improves sleep.


Loss of concentration in the classroom seems to affect more and more children. Hyperactivity and attention deficit affects more than the child, it invariably affects the teachers, the classroom and the child's parents. Homeocan's Kids Calm Syrup is recommended for agitated, anxious, nervous and irritable children. It even helps ensure a better night's sleep.

Therapeutic Indications:

  • Asa Foetida: Helps children suffering from anxiety, nervousness, irritability, ill-humor and agitated sleep.
  • Ignatia Amara: The child is emotional and sensitive and has a difficult time getting to sleep.
  • Valeriana Officinalis: Calms children who are anxious, agitated and nervous. Sleep regulator.
  • Avena Sativa: Dispels nervous fatigue and insomnia.
  • Argentum Nitricum: Calms anxiety, fears and phobias. The Argentum nitricum child feels anguished, he is afraid of crowds, of going to school and being left alone. This child suffers from diarrhea, headaches, vertigo with weakness in the legs (trembling) and from insomnia with mental or physical agitation.
  • Tarentula Hisp: The child is hyper-sensitive and hyperactive, anxious, and agitated. These symptoms are aggravated by emotions, noise, music, being touched and vexation.
  • Hyoscyamus Niger: Treats insomnia and calms agitated and nervous children.
  • Paeonia: The child suffers from

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