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  • When you find yourself needing some relief from gas, give this Gas-X Extra Strength Gas Relief Chewables a try.
  • These cherry crème chewable antigas tablets will give you the fast and effective relief you are seeking when dealing with the pressure and bloating caused by gas.
  • These 18 ct simethicone chewables are specially formulated with a special antigas medicine that most doctors recommend for the bloating, pressure and discomfort that is often associated with gas problems.
  • These Gas-X extra strength gas relief chewables feature a cherry crème flavor that is pleasantly smooth and creamy, making them easier to chew.

Gas-X: Extra Strength Cherry Creme Chewable Tablets Antigas, 18 Ct:

  • Cherry creme CHEWABLES
  • RELIEVES gas fast, pressure, bloating, discomfort
  • Convenient for on-the-go
  • Delicious smooth flavor

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