Crystal Rock Deodorant, Unscented Stick, 3.5oz 086449307009S414

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The Power of the Rock in a Wide Stick

For those who prefer our original rock deo in a wider application surface, try our natural mineral salt ROCK Wide Stick Body Deodorant version. Smooth to the touch, with an easy to use twist-up design that lasts up to 1 year with suggested use.

No Aluminum Chlorohydrate | Aluminum Zirconium | Parabens | Phthalates

24 Hour Natural Protection

  • Unscented stick
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Eliminates Odor.
  • Non-Staining.
  • Lasts Over One Year.
  • Underarms or Feet.
  • 100% Natural Mineral Salts.
  • Safe for the Environment

Crystal Rock™ Body Deodorant is made of natural mineral salts and is completely free of perfumes and chemicals. It eliminates body odor. Crystal Rock™ will leave an invisible protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria on your skin.

Suggested Use: Moisten the top of the stone and smooth it under your arms or the bottoms of your feet after you bathe.

Active Ingredients: N/A

Inactive Ingredients: N/A

Other Ingredients: Mineral Salt (Potassium Silicate), Ammonium Aluminum