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MediChest Original by Carex is an excellent way to keep your week's medication routine organized. The tray holds seven 4-times-per-day Dayplanners to maintain a Morning, Noon, Evening, and Bed medication schedule. The individual Dayplanners can be carried with you wherever you go, or the full MediChest can be kept on your counter to ensure that your pills or vitamins are all in one spot.

The four tabbed compartments in the MediChest Original open easily and snap securely shut. They are clearly labeled and feature Braille markings for the visually impaired. It also includes a prescription management sheet to help you follow the required dosage sequences.

MediChest Original Features and Benefits:

  • Helps Keep Daily Medication Regimen Organized.
  • Features 7 Individual Dayplanners That Can Be Removed to Take With You.
  • Tabbed Compartment Doors Open Easily and Snap Securely Shut.
  • Raised Lettering and Braille Markings.

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