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ACE Brand Sports Tape supports joints and helps prevent injury during athletic and work-related activities. The soft poly-cotton provides aggressive adhesive, yet tears easily for simple application. The best way to keep on going is with ACE Brand Products.

  • Helps prevent injuries and sprains
  • Firm Support and added protection helps protect weak and/or injured joints
  • Ideal for strenuous activities
  • 1-1/2" width/10 yards length
  • Ideal for ankle, fingers or wrist

Suggested Use:

How to Wear:


  1. Apply tape to clean, dry skin, free of hair or use along with ACE™ Sports Underwrap to protect from chafing.
  2. Wrap tape firmly, taking care not to wrap too tightly which can hinder circulation.
  3. Wrap tape smoothly to avoid skin irritation.


  1. Wrap tape around wrist in overlap.


  1. Place gauze between fingers.
  2. Apply horizontal tape strip(s) around fingers.


  1. Wrap base strips around lower calf.
  2. Apply 5-7 vertical support strips under heel to other side.
  3. Apply last two support strips diagonally crossed.
  4. Apply 5-7 locking strips to cover support strips.
  5. Apply "alternate and repeat" figure-8 pattern around arch, heel and ankle.
  6. Apply tape in an overlapping spiral for additional support.

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Inactive Ingredients: N/A

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